Our company started in 1997 as an importer of Dutch houses and in 2013 our activity was expanded with the independent production of year-round mobile houses. Today we are one of the leading producers of Dutch homes - seasonal and all year round, with a production capacity of over 300 units per year.

We have 4 production halls in northern and southern Poland, employing more than 150 people, as well as an extensive fleet of machinery and logistics facilities necessary to transport Dutch homes across the country and throughout Europe.

Our customers' satisfaction is our primary value - that's why we continuously raise the quality standards of our products, including: design, technical solutions, finishing materials and equipment offered. The high service standard has strengthened our high position in the Polish and foreign market.

We know how nice it is to have your own dream vacation spot, that's why we advise you in choosing the best solutions so that the goods you buy meet all expectations, in addition, we do everything we can to ensure that the whole transaction and delivery of our products run smoothly.


At KUNERT GROUP, in addition to our regular range of mobile homes, we also fulfill non-standard orders.


We offer, among other things:

  • change of layouts and number of rooms,
  • furnish the house with household appliances,
  • custom furniture and accessories
  • preparation of houses for specific needs and purposes
  • adaptation of the house for the elderly and disabled